4 delicious vanilla cupcakes decorated with beautiful macaroons hand painted in edible shades of rose gold and fresh strawberries coated in scrumptious pink and white chocolate!


Send me as a gift! 

Ever wanted to show your appreciation for a colleague or a friend? Sending a cupcake is a fun and great way to show your love and appreciation! You can even add a personal message which will be sent with your Cupcake!



Sef Raising Flour, Baking Powder, Cocoa Powder, Milk, Eggs, Butter, Caster Sugar, Vanilla Essence, Icing Sugar, Fondant Icing, Double Creamm, brown sugar, edible metallic paint, GLUTEN, strawberries, macarons, white chocolate, pink food colouring


Other Allergens

These products have been made with ingredients containing GLUTEN and DAIRY.

All products made by Lulu's Bakery MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF NUTS

Rose Gold Strawberry and Macaroon Cupcakes

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    If you wish to place an order and live further afield than this, you will need to arrange collection (free of charge) with Lulu. 

    The option to do this will be included on the product page when you place an order or on an order form.


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